New to Kidsource: Certified Lactation Counseling

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We have exciting news to share: Kidsource now offers Lactation Counseling!

I have been a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist at Kidsource for more than 16 years. Soon into my journey, I realized I had a special interest in treating children with feeding delays. After years and years of continuing education and research, I became a specialized oral motor and feeding therapist and the coordinator of the KIDS Feeding Clinic at Kidsource. But I wanted more: I strived to become a Certified Lactation Counselor.

My journey was hard and required dedication. I chose to follow a path of education offered by The Center for Breastfeeding and the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice (ALPP). Throughout this educational experience, I was challenged to demonstrate competency and knowledge in lactation management and counseling skills.

“I have many plans and goals for the future of the KIDS Feeding Clinic”

Today, I am proud to be the first Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) at Kidsource! I have many plans and goals for the future of the KIDS Feeding Clinic. My scope of practice will include educating, counseling and supporting families with complex breastfeeding situations and using proper assessments and treatments that are supportive to breastfeeding mothers and babies. I have several goals for the future including promoting breastfeeding by educating local hospitals on the benefits of implementing the practices of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative as well as collaborating with local healthcare professionals to appropriately refer new mothers and families to the support they need to make informed decisions for feeding their infants.

In my day-to-day tasks, I will provide daily to weekly consultative sessions to lactating mothers and their infants immediately after hospital discharge and throughout the first years of life. In addition, I look forward to implementing a breastfeeding support group for new mothers and families as well as a support group specific to breastfeeding mothers who are returning to work.

I look forward to supporting my community and expanding the specialty clinics of Kidsource. To learn more about these services and other feeding and swallowing evaluation and treatment options available at Kidsource, please call to speak with a Patient Coordinator: 501-315-4414.

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Laura Kirk