2019 Free To Be Me Gala

Free To Be Me Arts is an event started three years ago to support the belief of Kidsource Kids that art is a universal voice that reaches a depth of description, words lack. It has been said that the majority of communication is non-verbal. The art produced by the Kidsource Kids children speaks, telling a story of their loves and their passions and connecting us to their strengths and their view of the world. How privileged we are to see the world through their eyes.

Kidsource Kids is so excited for our 2019 Free To Be Art Gala. Mac at M2 Gallery will host this year's gala. I am thankful to Mac for hosting and supporting our mission at his beautiful gallery. Mac has gone well out of his way to hang, frame, and display Free To Be Me Art's work for one evening each gala. It is a significant amount of work that he does out of the goodness of his heart. There will also be art that he curates for a variety of incredibly talented artists from all over displayed and for sale the gala night.

For our 2019 Gala, we did things a little differently. Rather than hosting several art lessons throughout the year, we put on an art camp that was two and a half days long. The camp included two art lessons, a group project and four options for a creative pull out class. It went so well that we will continue to follow this format the 2020 Free To Be Me Art Gala.

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Free To Be Artist Volunteers

Our amazing artists are volunteers that create art for a living but have a soft spot for children.


Pamma led a lesson in painting a self-portrait. She has a unique gift in seeing the beauty in everyone and everything. Pamma can soothe you with her loving eyes by merely looking at you. 2019 is her first year helping with the project. So happy to have her!


Denise is our veteran who gives graciously to Free To Be Me year after year. She has been the brain-child of so many amazing art projects and always gives 110 percent to the projects and the kids. Denise owns a dance studio in Hot Springs currently. This year she led our group button collage and color wheel projects.

Break Out Sessions

We extended art lessons beyond paint and texture mediums this year to music, photography, and dance!

Daniel Bodemann, a musician and music teacher, brought a variety of instruments for kids to play. Those that were interested even learned about rhythm and notes. Erin Sanders, a speech therapist and dance teacher, taught choreography to our kids. Kristin Marts, a mental health professional and photography hobbyist, taught the kids about juxtaposition, lighting, movement, and contrast in capturing an image. She even walked them through some light editing afterwards. You can see the final photography products framed at the gala

We hope to see you at our 2019 Free To Be Arts Gala! Click below to learn more about this year’s event! .

Our Little Artist

Peering into the world of another person, seeing their story told in the form of art creates empathy and unity between the children, their peers and the community. I am thankful for these children that have been vulnerable enough to not only produce these beautiful works but also allow us to display pieces of themselves for the betterment of their local community. Join us September 14th at M2 Gallery to see their voice and learn their story.

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Free To Be Me Gallery

Laura Kirk