Parents As Superheroes - How to be involved in your child's therapy to make a BIG difference!

Parents are Superheroes:
The Family Matters!

Parents and caregivers have the ability to impact their child’s therapy in a BIG way!  Being actively involved in your child’s intervention has countless benefits!

1. Research has shown that partnering with your child’s therapist to establish goals and discuss the direction of therapy will improve your child’s success rate and overall ability to reach their full potential.

2. By being actively involved with your child’s intervention, you can get a first-hand look at how the therapist is addressing your child’s needs so that you can replicate those methods at home!

3. What you think matters!  You have priceless knowledge about your child that the therapist needs to hear.  Never be afraid to voice your concerns or offer advice. You are the expert on your child!

4. Parental and caregiver confidence has been shown to impact the overall quality of therapy and also improve satisfaction with their child’s intervention.  Confidence is built by the relationship between you and your therapist!

At KidSource, we strive towards a family-centered practice.  We believe that we never treat the child alone; we treat and empower the entire family!

What can you do?

  • Ask to be a part of your child’s intervention.  Whether that is attending sessions, weekly communication, or the use of video;

  • Never be afraid to ask questions or discover new ideas;

  • Remember that you make up an integral part of your child’s team!

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