early intervention

Resources to help parents prepare, educate, and assist themselves in the care of their child.


Who can be a part of the Early Intervention Program?

Children ages birth to thirty-six months who:

  • Have a developmental delay in one or more areas of development. This delay must be 25% or more of their chronological age.

  • Have a medical diagnosis that has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay.

  • Children that have a high risk of developing a delay due to environmental factors, drug exposure, accidents or any other factor that contributes to a possible delay in development.

First Connections Early Intervention in Arkansas

Families of infants and toddlers with special needs can turn to First Connections for information, support, and services to help them assist their child in reaching his/her potential. First Connections is a state-wide, comprehensive early intervention network of qualified, dedicated professionals. KidSource is proud to be the largest First Connections Early Intervention provider.

The Inspired Treehouse

Authored by a pediatric occupational therapist and physical therapist, The Inspired Treehouse offers easy to use activities and a wide variety of relevant resources to promote the acquisition of developmental skills focused on children in the birth to 5 age group.