How can we help your child?

Providing support to families and caregivers to work therapeutic interventions into daily routines


Kidsource Therapy Services

Dedicated to Empowering Families

One of a parent's or caregiver's biggest worries and responsibilities is ensuring that your child is meeting all the expected developmental milestones for their age. At Kidsource, we offer services, support, and education to teach families and caregivers resources and practices so you can make developmental progress outside of the typical therapy setting.

We provide emotional support for the entire family, serving as a resource to empower growth and confidence by:

  • Providing answers about your child's developmental challenges and needs and addressing the feelings of uncertainty or embarrassment

  • Giving you information about your child's unique needs, what to expect from therapy

  • Offering education and resources to allow you to continue your child's progress at home and school

  • Counseling and information about dealing with financial and administrative topics related to your child's therapy

Kidsource is built around family, and we continue to strive to keep a close-knit team that is highly motivated to help you and your child. Our professionally trained team provides Developmental, Occupational, Physical and Speech therapies for children from birth to 21 years of age.

We provide therapy at seven clinic locations, as well as in-home, preschools/daycares, community locations and schools, and any other possible locations that are determined to be appropriate for a child’s needs.

Kidsource is also an Early Intervention provider, a Part C of the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). Our Early Intervention services target the 0-3 population to identify and meet the needs of children in areas of social development, adaptive (self-help) development, motor development, communication development, and cognitive development. (Please see our Early Intervention page for more details).

There are also a variety of programs at Kidsource that we utilize to enhance the therapy experience for our clients. Along with programs such as aquatics, hippotherapy, Integrated Listening Systems, and others, we have recently opened a new sensory and feeding clinic at our Benton location.

supportive & effective therapy


Providing support to families and caregivers to enhance child development and maximize your child’s potential through occupational, developmental, physical, and speech and language therapy.


Assessment and treatment to develop, recover, or maintain the daily living and skills of children with a physical, mental, or cognitive disorder.


Treatment that remediates impairments and promotes better mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, diagnosis, and physical intervention.


Treatment that aids how a child is developing, looking at cognition, communication, social-emotional skills, behavior, and motor skills.

speech & Language

Our therapists assess and treat speech, language, and communication problems to help them better communicate, developing individual treatment programs.