physical Therapy

improving Children’s gross motor development and skills through innovative and creative activities


what is physical therapy?


What does it mean when my doctor recommends physical therapy (PT) for my child?  
It means that your doctor has some concerns regarding your child's overall gross motor development, delayed motor milestones or his/her functional limitations.

Would my child benefit from having physical therapy?
Many children who demonstrate delays in the areas of balance, coordination, gait deviations, have poor motor and postural control, torticollis, and overall decreased strength and endurance may benefit from direct physical therapy services.

How do I know if my child qualifies for PT?
A licensed PT will perform a comprehensive evaluation using specific standardized evaluation tools, skilled clinical observations and detailed history provided by you the parent. All the information from the evaluation including scores, medical background, functional outcomes, assessments, and recommendations will be discussed and provided to you and your child’s physician. If your child qualifies based on the standard guidelines, a plan of care and schedule will be set for you and your child.

If my child qualifies for PT, what will he/she be doing in therapy?
Your child will work with a fun and enthusiastic PT on functional goals by incorporating these skills and activities through various forms of play, therapeutic activities/exercises, and functional skills through creative fun. We love to challenge kids by encouraging them to improve their gross motor development and skills through innovative and creative activities. In addition, there will be lots of good ideas and activities given to parents so that many of the skills being taught during therapy sessions can be further developed at home.

physical therapy careers



Kidsource Therapy, started in 1998 as a provider of only Developmental Therapy and has since grown to Arkansas’ largest Early Intervention provider expanding to serve children to age 21 and their families. 

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Kidsource Therapy provides Developmental, Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy in Central Arkansas and surrounding areas. We serve kids and their families in a variety of settings with various developmental delays as well as a variety of neurological impairments, Autism, sensory processing disorders, language and feeding delays just to name a few.

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Kidsource Therapy is always looking for fun, creative, innovative, and professional therapists to join our Kidsource family. We are driven by the needs of our kids and their families and are looking for therapists who have a heart for people and want to help our kids and families succeed.

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This position offers significant flexibility - our therapists maintain their own schedules-biweekly pay schedule, CEU reimbursement program, paid time off, employer paid benefits, Flexible Spending Account, bonus incentives, administrative support, minimal paperwork, competitive reimbursement based on experience and 23 billable hours per week is considered full-time and eligible for benefits listed above. 

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