Provides children with sensory-rich experiences and parents with tools to confidently approach their children’s needs.


sensory and feeding enrichment

SAFE is a specialty therapy program built to serve families with children who have sensory processing challenges. The SAFE program is based on the idea that a short term increase in frequency and intensity of treatment combined with in-depth parent training and education is the best approach to jump start progress and in some instances help a child reach his or her age level.

What does SAFE treatment look like?

Our approach is not a standardized one size fits all formula, but a customized treatment program built to fit the each family’s needs.

 Our state-of-the-art equipment including an obstacle course, rock wall, oversized foam pit, zip line, and specialized therapy swings, encourages meaningful play through movement. These interventions are designed to develop the child’s sensory systems for development of meaningful play, body awareness, strength, and relationship building.

 However, the greatest tool we utilize in the SAFE program is the parent. Our goal in the SAFE program is to empower each parent to better facilitate the highest level of their child’s success, by giving them hands on training in therapy sessions and in one on one parent meetings with the therapist.


What makes SAFE different?

  • Specialized & Intensive Treatment Therapy

  • In-depth Consultation with Client and Family

  • Customized Home Programming

  • Private Use of the SAFE Treatment Facility

  • One-on-One Parent Training


Who Needs safe?


Learning occurs through the sensory system starting in the womb extending through all of our life.  Our bodies interact with the world and our brains begin to define the world through our feelings about those interactions. Sensory along a spectrum of feeling too little, just right, to too much.  Children that need therapy for sensory processing are those that fall into the too little or too much ends of the spectrum.

Sometimes when a child feels sensory input in these extremes, development of relationships, play, or self-help skills can be inhibited. For a better guide to know how your child’s sensory processing system is working download the red flags checklist below.


The SAFE program is specifically built for:

  • Children of all ages

  • Children with sensory needs

  • The whole family, meaning caregivers will be fully immersed in treatment

  • A variety of diagnoses; Some that have been treated with the SAFE program include but are not limited to: Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, ADHD, anxiety, feeding disorders, and Developmental Delay